SDK 1 W.R. Soepratman No. 036 Elementary School is Private Sector Property Of Institution Roman of YP3R, which have been long enough stood since 1 August 1959 and have printed protégés which with quality and can competed with other schools, which have educational competence. Therefore SDK 1 W.R. Soepratman feel to be challenged to be able to compete with other schools and wish parallels with other schools which on an equal
By carrying out Local Payload program namely Skill and Artistry of Area, and Computer. Skilled and Artistry of Area here student taught to recognize and practice skilled and artistry of Original Area Tribe of Kalimantan (Dayak Tribes) dance and also clothes of tribe of dayak representing individuality of this school so that we can recognize and inculcate culture of area to protégés so that culture of ancestors we is not totally disappeared even epoch which has old becoming modern progressively for that we have to preserve with if there are any foreigner from outside wish to ask tribal culture of dayak, we earn replying him. it is the same as in is skilled of hand here taught namely make some bead handicraft As for to form vowel voice child can follow Group Choir in school. For computer started from class 1 up to class of VI, and use computer of Pentium IV Celeron for client (anggota) and Server Computer for instructor of use of Pentium IV and to part of Arranging Effort and training and also making of report make Elementary School teachers computer of SDK 1 W.R. Soepratman is also provided by one computer unit of Pentium IV


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